Technical support for Homeowners, Parents, Small Businesses, and Everyone in between.

Areas of Practice


Cleanup of computers and other devices

Computer or other device running slow? We can easily help you clean old cruft off your devices, including pre-installed software, malware, and information you may no longer need. Have an old phone you want to sell? We can help ensure your personal information like photos are backed up elsewhere while denying your would-be buyer the ability to look at your photos after a device is sold.

Lowering of cell phone/cable bills

Think your cell phone, cable package, or Internet service costs too much? Let us help you explore the best options to get exactly what you want at the price you want. We can also help you with migrating your services to another provider with the least amount of friction.

purchasing new devices/equipment

Have old computers or smartphones that no matter what you do, they still are slow or have other issues? No fear, let our experts help recommend to you new devices for you to purchase that fit your needs, including computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and more.

Cord-cutting solutions

Want to just get rid of your cable or satellite TV service altogether? We can ensure the easiest transition to a cord-cutting lifestyle, while picking the best devices and services appropriate to your lifestyle. Get the TV you want at a price much lower than your old cable box.

Installation of parental controls onto children's devices

Are your kids not focusing on their homework or visiting sites not appropriate for their age? Let us help you ensure that they only participate in activities safe for their age group. We can also recommend services and devices to enhance your experience of ensure your children are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing.

Recycling old equipment

Has your old device been erased or will be at our appointment? Let us take it away from you and ensure it is recycled properly in a way safe and proper for the environment. Most small-medium devices are eligible, so don't be afraid to ask if yours is covered. We believe in being green too.